Under 8s

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18/09/2017 18:33
Every Loser Wins

Was a number one hit back in 1986 for a well-known soap actor and if I am going to keep up this theme of titling every match report with a song title you’ll have to forgive me for scraping the barrel with this one (and its only week three!!) But if we consider the title we have to agree that we can only be winners if we take on board Sunday’s defeat to Senghenydd, learn from where we went wrong and start to concentrate for the full match. With a Police cavalcade rushing Harri Williams from Tredegar we started with sixteen players and a strong two sides. But it didn’t start well for the App.....


Martyn Cooke @cooke13_cooke
18/09/2017 19:22:07
Great to see @JoshuaRhysJame1 at our @OakdaleMiniRugb U12's game yesterday and thanks to @alangarth for the sponsor… https://t.co/1ImXbKbqj8
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OakdaleMiniRugby @OakdaleMiniRugb
18/09/2017 10:57:12
@WRU_Community @GMG_DistrictA we had a great weekend of rugby with @saintsrugby_ #rugbyfamily #pathway #fun https://t.co/xSISNeIzRu


Oakdale RFC @OakdaleRFC
16/09/2017 17:27:38
@glyncoch_rfc thanks for the game today, all the best for the rest of the season


Oakdale RFC @OakdaleRFC
16/09/2017 16:13:19
Final score: @OakdaleRFC 25-10 @glyncoch_rfc @AllWalesSport