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04 October 2017 / Team News

Oi Oi, Hurri up Harri Come on!!

Looking out of the window on Sunday morning would have filled most parents with dread at the thought of standing on the sidelines huddled under the biggest umbrella they could find. For some it was time to dust those Hunter wellies off but for the Crazy Eights they were champing at the bit to get out on that field and show Bedwas and Penalta just how much they needed to catch up to live with the Dale.

The Apples took to the field against an improved Penalta side but even in the muddy conditions it did not stop Kingsley Parry-Lewis getting that ball under his (one) arm and storming through the home side’s defence for a cracking first try. Griff Tovey carried on in the same fashion with some silky side-stepping to notch up another on his try tally board. Josh Bowen gave excellent support to whoever had the ball and was always there when someone needed to make a pass.

Albie Wynn showed a good turn of speed to evade the defence and get himself close to the line but when he was tagged he turned around in an instant to find Griff there in good support. A neat offload saw the try-line open up for Tovey and he crossed for his second try. Noah Young was as tenacious as Bowen in defence and a concerted effort by all of the Apples saw the ball turned over and into Josh Bowen’s hands. He only had eyes for the line and the line only had eyes for him as he danced in and out of the defensive line and crossed for the Apple’s fourth try of the half. Even though Penalta had scored three tries of their own Tovey managed to keep them at arm’s length with another try to make it his third hat-trick of the season and the team capped off a fine first match with a 5-3 scoreline.

The Bananas certainly had a lot to live up to to match their team-mates performance in the first match but they certainly started off in good fashion with a strong run by Hannah ‘Boom Boom’ Benger. Hannah went out wide and made some good yardage but if there is one thing she does well is turn and pass in one movement and when that time came it was Josh 'Jay Jay' Johnson there in great support to take the pass from Benger and go over for his first try of the day. There were definately some strong runners in the Bananas and some great examples of running down the line and running through the defence with Olly ‘Out Wide’ Morris scoring two tries and Brody ‘Which Way? That Way’ Baker getting a try of his own. Their running was matched by Amie 'Down The Middle'  Lock who even if she doesn’t see a gap in the defence she will still run forward in a straight line for the benefiot of the team. It’s just a matter of time before those tries start rolling in. The Crazy Eight’s own Gavin Henson rounded the day off with two tries of his own. With his mediteranean good looks, Harri ‘Snakehips’ Williams dazzled the Bedwas defence turning this way and that to get himself a brace and round off a great day with a 7-5 victory for the Bananas.

Player of the match was a difficult decision as many players stuck their hands up with improvements all over the field apparent. But when Coach Rhys waved the Shusher over the players a calm hush prevailed. Coach Rhys commented that he couldn’t be happier and he couldn’t wait to tell Coach Julian how well everyone played. In fact he said he was going to ring him up and offer to take him out for a drink (and pay) such was his delight at the performance.

But there can be only one as they used to say in that Highlander film and ‘that one’ this week was ‘Pretty Boy’ Harri Williams for running like a demon and tagging like a monster. Well deserved Harri boy. A fiver a try wasn't it?

Anyone know the song title?

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