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Elliott Hall
1 Try
Griff Tovey
5 Try
Brody Baker
3 Try
Oliver Morris
1 Try
Josh Bowen
1 Try

Match Report
30 January 2018 / Team News

Kian-d I love you so……..

Unbeaten records, what are they good for? HUH!! Absolutely nothing when the Crazy Eights are in town as local neighbours Blackwood RFC found out to their cost on Sunday when the Dale avenged the defeat earlier in the season to put a big red blemish on their friend’s fixture list.

With Alfie, Kurtis, Hannah and Aimee unavailable due to them appearing in Pontins as a Bucks Fizz tribute act the Dale were down to a bare 14 but Blackwood wanted to play eight-a-side just to mess up Coach Julian’s notepad.

The Apples were plucked from the tree and sent on to do battle in the first 12 minutes and from the off the were right in their opponents faces looking to take tags and possession. Some great pressure from Shay Edwards and Poppy Crewe saw the opposition drop the ball and like a tramp on chips Griff Tovey was there to pick up and zoom straight over for his first try of the day. Blackwood responded with a try of their own but Tovey was having none of it. He supported Kingsley Parry Lewis well and when KPL was tagged Griff took the ball from him and danced his way over for his second of the morning.

The Apples were focused and wasn’t having any of the Blackwood attack. Closing down the space their opponents had to work in ensured they spilt the ball and Harri Williams was there to pick up feed Griff who outpaced the defence to make it a hat-trick within the first six minutes. Kian Davies made some strong runs and gained some good yards but the home side came rushing back with two tries of their own to level the scores. With the seconds ebbing away it was left for Josh Johnson to weave his magic and send his butty Josh Bowen crashing over for a try to end the first period in the Dale’s favour with a score line of 4-3.

If we’ve had a problem in recent matches it is the Bananas not matching the focus and the intensity of the Apples but today was different, everyone wanted to put one over on the neighbours and the Bananas came racing out of the blocks to extend their narrow lead with the first play of the period. That man Tovey it was again right in the corner.

Blackwood had some good runners but they were trying to over-complicate matters with their fancy dan passing. Olly Morris was having none of it and when he got the ball in his hands he wasn’t passing to no-one, he was going over that try line to get his first try of the morning.

Zayn Haymann, making his debut for the Crazies, made some good yards and looked like he is going to be a great member of the team. He ran forward and passed the ball backwords which is all we can ask for on his first game. Brodie Baker was on the floor as much as he was on his feet but that was a good thing as he snatched possession away from the home side on more than one occasion which led to a try for him and another for Griff Tovey.

Elliot Hall was resolute in defence and always looking to take a pass from his teammates. When Olly Morris got tagged close to the home side’s line he launched a bomb of a pass out wide and it was Elliot who managed to get his fingertips to it, retain possession and dive over the line for a try.

Olly Bishop made some good runs on the morning and always looked to offload safely ensuring his team mates had good ball take make further yardage and this resulted in Brodie getting his hat-trick of tries and Griff to get another to make it five on the morning.

The Referee seemed to keep playing until we were going to be kicked off and this allowed Blackwood to claw themselves back into the game with a couple of tries of their own. They scored one in the corner and all of a sudden the Ref blew his final whistle. Everyone looked around thinking ‘is that it?’ The Dale shook hands with their opponents and walked back to their parents. The Blackwood team manager came over saying that it was 11-11 and we all thought why is she being so blatnet in trying to tell us what the score was. The Crazy Eights know that we always have two independent scorers to ensure that we always get the correct score and by us it was 11-10 to the Dale. We can only assume that she failed to get he secret signs correct when motioning to the man in the middle that it was time to blow up. We don’t care we won, they didn’t

The Player of the Match speech was started with a bit of a grizzle when the coaches found out that some of the Apples went down the park after their first period. We all need to stick together and if they had been on the side of the pitch for the duration they would have all gone back on for extra game time but it couldn’t affect how happy the coaches were with the players on the morning (did I say we won?)

For his contribution not only on the morning but in training and games over the last couple of weeks, the Shusher was awarded to KIAN DAVIES. In a short space of time he has grasped the game of rugby and is a fine addition to the squad. Keep it up Kian you are doing very well

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